Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™ | Training
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Kristofer teaches at national and regional conferences as well as "one-on-one - team training" for churches and ministries.


Kristofer is a respected puppeteer and puppet builder in the field of Christian Puppetry and teaches at national and regional conferences as well as “one-on-one – team training” for churches and ministries.

ONE-on-ONE Team Training…


Kristofer loves to help other ministries when he has the opportunity. With his years of training and experience he is now happy to bring that experience to YOUR TEAM!

Kristofer will come to your church, school or ministry headquarters to help your team develop their skills and offer advice and techniques to take your team to the next level. If you would like more information please contact us!


Festivals and Conferences..


Kristofer has experience teaching the following classes at various festivals and conferences:


  • Basic Puppetry
  • Intermediate Puppetry
  • Advanced Puppetry
  • Bunraku Puppetry
  • Non-verbal Puppetry
  • Puppet Design/Building
  • Voice Characterization
  • Character Development
  • Black Light
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Media
  • Copyright/Trademarks in Ministry
  • Staging
  • Ministry Leadership


Members of his team, Evergreen Creative Ministries™, have additional experience in teaching the following classes:


  • Worship in Signed English
  • Puppet Construction
  • Popping Props
  • Prop Construction
  • Stage Presence
  • Human Video
  • Drama
  • Dowel Rod Techniques
  • Creative Arts for Children
  • Ministry Leadership