Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™ | Signature Series
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Signature Series

Here at Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™ we are able to offer custom design work to bring YOUR vision to LIFE.
 All of our custom puppets – aka “Kristofer Sommerfeld Signature Series” are hand built by Kristofer with much time and care.
He has over 12 years of building experience and has learned what products and materials will last.
Please contact us to get your dream order started! There is no cost or obligation for a quote!
Click HERE for more information on our custom work.

An example of some of our custom work.

Sorry, these puppets are not for sale.

The “Gingerbrood”

These adorable little cookies were custom built for children’s author/illustrator Brent Vernon to be used in his spectacular LIVE stage show in December of 2015.

The Gingerbrood: Copyright © 2015 Georgie IV Publishing LLC.
Used by permission.


Henry the worm was built for Evergreen Creative Ministries™ to be used in their “By the Backyard Fence™” segments.

Willie the Pig

A 4 foot Bunraku pig puppet.


A custom little monkey for a ministry team.


Rylan was a custom build for a private individual. The puppeteer’s arm was measured in multiple areas for a true fit!


Mckenzie was a simple build for a ministry.


We designed and built all of Evergreen Creative Ministries™ “By the Backyard Fence™” characters.

From left to right: Daryl D. Turtle, Josie B. Bird, Samantha the Ant, Bobby the Ant, Bailee A. Bunny and Sedric T. Squirrel.

"By the Backyard Fence™" and all characters/names are trademarks of Evergreen Creative Ministries.