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Signature Series – About & FAQ

About our general custom work:


All of our custom puppets – aka “Kristofer Sommerfeld Signature Series” are hand built by Kristofer with much time and care. He has over 13 years of building experience and has learned what products and materials will last.


Each of our “Signature Series” puppets feature form-fitting/leather lined mouth and thumb grips, poseable fingers, wrist and elbow joints, removable arm rods (when applicable), independent necks, etc. A truly “professional” puppet, if you will.

When it comes to the quality of your custom puppet there are a few things that you should know.


Consumer grade puppets are readily available at prices around $80 to $175 US dollars. The main reason for the pricing on these puppets is the quality of materials used as well as the simplicity of the designs.


Custom quality puppets are made with only the finest materials available. Many of these materials are ordered or imported. Custom puppets are much more complex and time consuming to design and construct. This is the level of quality we put into our Signature Series puppets. For these reasons, custom puppets are much more expensive but will outlast any consumer grade puppet… hands down!

Signature Series features list:


Each of our Signature Series custom puppets feature the following:

Scott and Cross Linked Foams

Lightweight, high quality foams that won't tear or crumble.

TREATED Antron Fleece Fabric Covering

A high-quality material that we hand-dye and treat for a glowing and lively finish. We ALWAYS treat our Antron to limit pilling and matting overtime.

Camera Ready Invisible Seams

Because we only use the highest quality materials available, we are able to offer seams that are nearly invisible!

Custom Eye Shapes

We custom make our eyes - we don't use pre-made ``doll`` eyes.

Independent Neck System

The head and body are two separate pieces. The body lining is attached to the head of the puppet and will run through the entire body as a separate piece. This allows for realistic optimal head movement.

Fully Lined Body

No bare, exposed foam here. Quality all the way!

Body Sleeve

Additional fabric below the body to ensure that the puppeteer's arm always remains hidden. *Only applicable on half/full body stage style puppets.

Form Fitted Mouth Grip

Maximum comfort meets maximum control.

Fully Lined Leather Mouth Grip

We believe that a good puppet with a good grip is the start for a great performance!

Leather Lined Thumb Cup

Say ``goodbye`` to worn out elastic straps! We use real leather that won't wear out after a few performances.

Poseable Fingers

High-quality wire inside the hands allow your puppet to hold objects, point, and have a life-like resting position.

Jointed Wrists and Elbows

Adds more fluent, life-like movement.

Jointed Knees and Feet

Adds more fluent, life-like movement. *Only applicable on full body puppets.

Pair of In-Wrist Removable Arm Rods

One pair of high-quality, powder coated arm rods comes with each Signature Series puppet. *not included with human arm puppets.

Custom Hair Styling

No yarn here! One of Kristofer's many hobbies is fashion - He will never let a puppet leave with a bed-head!

Custom Clothing

Because of Kristofer's fashion sense, he will go out of his way to make sure your puppet looks the part! He can make custom clothes tailored to fit your puppet. He's also known to use designer clothing on puppets... Kenneth Cole, anyone?

Customized/Fitted Road Case

Fully customized interior to fit your puppet.

Embroidered Bag for Transportation

Each Signature Series puppet will come with a bag embroidered with the puppet's name - at no extra cost!

Padded Leatherette Containing:

Your Signature Series Contract, Certificate of Authenticity and a Puppet Care Sheet

Additional Outfits

We are able to make as many outfits for your character as needed. You change your style overtime, why not your characters?

Additional Arm Rods

Need more Signature Series arm rods? No problem!

General Signature Series frequently asked questions:

How much will a custom puppet cost?

Well, that depends... we can't tell you a price until we know what you want. The best way to find out is to contact us and give us your idea and we'll get back to you with an estimate. If you have any concept art send that to us as well. Do you want blinking eyes or another mechanism? Just send us as much detail as possible. There is no obligation or cost for an estimate.

What if I just want a ``basic professional puppet``... how much would that cost?

As mentioned in the answer above that cost will vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, our Signature Series puppets (including everything in the ``features list`` above) will start around $1,200 and up... but it really depends on what exactly you want. They can be less expensive, and they can be much more.

How long will it take for you to make my puppet?

The build time of your puppet will depend on Kristofer's current workload and how complex your design is. Typically a build will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Add an additional 2-3 weeks for any type of mechanism. Full body costumes and walk around characters can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

Do I own all the copyrights to that character after I purchase it?

Here is the simplest answer... not really. When you buy a custom puppet we may be ``making YOUR idea come to life``... but that's not necessarily the case here. While the IDEA is yours, the actual process to bring it to life depends on us. There is a difference between a drawing and a physical 3D object. However, when you purchase a custom puppet you will also receive a ``Signature Series Contract``. Included in this is the rights to use the character in visual media for advertising/promotional/personal ministry purposes only (not for profit). Any other rights are owned by Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™. Copies of your puppet will not be sold to anyone else. If you would like additional rights for media/product/etc. (for profit), you may obtain them through a licensing contract or a full buy-out fee where you can purchase all future media/product rights* to the character. Please contact us for more information. Again, your puppet/idea will NOT be sold to anyone else. *Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™ will remain the sole owner of any patterns, materials, personal designs, building techniques, prototypes, or any other form related to the building process and will not relinquish them.

Why are they called ``Kristofer Sommerfeld Signature Series``?

At the completion of each ``Signature Series`` build, Kristofer signs and dates the tag on the character. An autographed piece of art right from the artist himself!

From our Signature Series customers: